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  • Fever crumb by Philip Reeve

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    Book Title: Fever crumb

    Date of issue: June 7th 2010

    The author of the book: Philip Reeve

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Fever Crumb is the only girl to have been admitted to the order of Engineers. When she leaves the order to assist an archaeologist on a dig, Fever is haunted by memories that are not her own - memories that may hold the key to what likes hidden beneath London. Though the book is named after the character that's presumably the protagonist, Fever Crumb, she remains so bland and underdeveloped that she rarely garners reader interest. Due to her upbringing as an engineer, Fever has a pragmatic view of the world, one that lends itself to excessive use of words like logical and irrational: There was a vase of cut flowers on the bedside table, which was irrational, and a potted plant on the windowsill, which was not, because Fever knew that it would absorb some of the carbon dioxide she breathed out and help to replenish the air with oxygen.That must have been the name of Kit Solent's wife before Kit married her, Fever thought, remembering the irrational custom which made woman take the name of their husbands.Fever sniffled and choked and swallowed salty snot. She hadn't cried since she was tiny; it made her feel irrational and ashamed. Fever Crumb takes place in the same world as Mortal Engines , but the story transpires before cities are raised from the ground and made mobile, so in addition to Fever being a one dimensional character, the book is sorely lacking in the steampunk elements that make the Mortal Engines Quartet such an alluring read. The writing, however, is exemplary, especially in those rare moments when steampunk creatures are described: If you'd been watching you might have seen the wafer mechanisms pressed between its paper layers; the wires of its bones, thin as horse hairs; the shadow of its electric eyes in the blank page of its face. It moved along the landing to a bedroom, hesitated a moment, then folded itself to the floor and posted itself under the door like a note. Stale from start to finish, Fever Crumb is well written but doesn't quite measure up to the other books in Philip Reeve's imaginative steampunk world.

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A useful book to free yourself from negative emotions and joy.

Why do you need to write a phone?

The book caused contradictory feelings!

A charming book, a lot more!

A hard book, obviously not for everyone.

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