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  • Spy guy: the not-so-secret agent by Jessica  Young

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    Date of issue: May 12th 2015

    Edition: HMH Books for Young Readers

    ISBN 13: 9780544208599

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    The author of the book: Jessica Young

    ISBN: 0544208595

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    Book Title: Spy guy: the not-so-secret agent

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Spy Guy is on a super-secret, undercover mission to become a better sleuth. His surveillance operations come to a screeching halt because Spy Guy has not quite mastered the art of doing things quietly; this of course is the number one “must” of being a secret agent. He is doing too much talking, squeaking, and his creeping is entirely too cute for onlookers to ignore. He probes his dad, the “Chief” (how adorable is this?!) for the secret to spying, to remedy these not-so-secret situations. The Chief dispenses words of advice, and joins Spy Guy in disguise as they peek around trees, and sneak on their tippy-toes, through town, on a mission. But alas, this mission is a fail too – Spy Guy is full of sneezes and burps and just cannot seem to find a way to spy quietly! The Chief tells him he can master the art of undercover operations if he can manage to spy on The Chief. Will Spy Guy land a “Mission Accomplished” or will another noisy situation make him fail?“Spy Guy” has a story line that cannot be described as anything less than totally adorable, as “manly” as this father/son spy team is. The illustrations are filled with lots of humor – in fact, they made me start to wonder who is enjoying being a spy more, Spy Guy, or The Chief, the latter of which seemed to be loving every minute of this! I enjoy the clever text, great alliteration and rhyming, and big, bold, but muted, colors of the illustrations. Read more at www.diapers-and-daydreams.com !

Reviews for the book Spy guy: the not-so-secret agent

Very controversial Vpechalenija

It was a surprisingly interesting book. Very highly recommended.

An interesting book that says more than you can fit

A charming book, a lot more!

A charming book, a lot more!

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