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  • A bee in a cathedral: and 99 other scientific analogies by Joel Levy

    The author of the book: Joel Levy

    Book Title: A bee in a cathedral: and 99 other scientific analogies

    ISBN: 1554079594

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    Edition: Firefly Books

    Date of issue: June 16th 2011

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"100 scientific truths and principles clearly explained using the power of analogy. "The well-known "a bee in a cathedral" analogy describes the size of an atom and its nucleus in understandable terms. The analogy goes that if an atom were expanded to the size of a cathedral, the nucleus would be only about the size of a bee."A Bee in a Cathedral" uses analogies to demonstrate 100 basic scientific truths and principles in new and exciting ways, describing the unbelievably massive, the inconceivably tiny and the unfathomably complex in everyday terms. Readers will be drawn to the book by its combination of intuitive reasoning and a highly visual presentation style.Each analogy is explained in direct terms and clearly illustrated. A range of facts and figures -- presented in uniquely accessible "infographics" -- complements the analogies. The book covers a wide array of scientific topics: physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, earth sciences, anatomy and technology. The analogies include: If an atomic nucleus expanded to the size of a marble, it would weigh about 100 million tons, or roughly the equivalent of 16 Great Pyramids of Egypt.It would take a human heart less than 18 days to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.The volcanic blast of Mount St. Helens released thermal energy 1,600 times the size of Hiroshima. Krakatoa's 1883 eruption was roughly 13,000 times as powerful as that same bomb. Informative and engaging, "A Bee in a Cathedral" gives readers a deeper appreciation of the forces and facts that govern the universe and everything in it.

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A cozy book that teaches small things, happiness, in detail!

The best ... And the most interesting, bright, fascinating ...

Total disappointment

Compelling book!

Frankly, double

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