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  • Broken nation by Shaunta Grimes

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From the author of Viral Nation comes the chilling story of Leanne Wood, a seventeen-year-old girl trying to make sense of the new world around her—and more than anything, just trying to survive. First came the Second Civil War, when the U.S. government tried to deport tens of thousands of Mexican farmworkers all at once. Then came the airborne Virus that ended the war—and the lives of almost everyone. Now America is a weak and struggling shadow of its former self: where there were once fifty states there are now just fifty cities; where resources were once plentiful they are now scarce and doled out in rations; and where democracy once flourished there is now only the Company, the sole remaining power—because they control the drug that keeps the Virus at bay. Leanne, one of the few survivors of the Virus but now orphaned and missing a leg, must rely on the help of Alex Santiago, the one person she still knows, the one person who can help her avoid being conscripted by the military, and the one person who swore he’d come back to save her. . . .

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I read the whole book with a stupid smile on my face. General advice to everyone!

A hard, shocking, but extremely useful book that makes you think!

This book is awesome!

The best ... And the most interesting, bright, fascinating ...

One of the best books

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