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  • The empire at war: british military sf by Christopher G. Nuttall

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    Book Title: The empire at war: british military sf

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Betweeen the 'The Empire at War' contributers they have amassed over 19,000 five star Goodreads and Amazon reviews. A USA Today Bestseller. Multiple #1 best-sellers in Amazon's military SF charts and twoBSFA Best Cover awards - proving the British view point on future war is something SF readers the world over adore.The Empire is at War… and we’re lovin’ it!This collection comprises of:4 x unabridged best-selling military SF novels.3 x exclusive short stories, one of which is lavishly illustrated by award winning artist Andy Bigwood.2 x essays.Each author showcased in The Empire at War collection has had multiple top-10 bestsellers in the military SF book charts in the past two years.The NovelsTheir Darkest Hour  Christopher G Nuttall.A novel of alien invasion, occupation, collaboration and resistance. The actions of British collaborators in Their Darkest Hour are powerful enough to appall contemporary readers.Discovery of the Saiph PP Corcoran.An epic-scale adventure story of humanity’s war for survival against an implacable enemy. Space battles, alliances and treaty negotiations, special ops and alien technology. It’s all here.C.R.O.W. Phillip Richards.This first book in the Union series, tells the story of Andy Moralee, a young Combat Replacement of War in the English Dropship Infantry, as he progresses through training and hazing through to his first experience of combat.Marine Cadet Tim C Taylor.The series starts in what appears to be a standard boot camp scenario,but there are dark conspiracies maneuvering in the background, angling for advantage before this region of the galaxy explodes into a civil war, after which nothing will be the same again.The Short StoriesHaven One-Eight by P.P. Corcoran.A relentless foe seeks to murder the Faithful in their haven, but who are these unstoppable servants of Satan? The answer will shock you.The President’s Son Tim C. Taylor.The characters in the Human Legion series have been isolated from the rest of humanity for centuries, but their distant ancestors were taken as children from Earth. In The President’s Son, a short story exclusive to this collection, we hear the story of that first group of slave children.Fallen Witness artwork by Andy Bigwood and words by Tim C. Taylor.The third short story in the collection is special. The sumptuous cover artwork for The Empire at War was produced by Andy Bigwood, whose cover art has twice before won the best artwork award from the British Science Fiction Association. Andy has supplied seven fantastic pieces of artwork that are interspersed with the other stories.Box Set Preview-Phillip Richards presents an intriguing peak at his new SF series with the opening chapters of Escape from the Hive.And finally, words from Tim C. Taylor-SitRep: The State of British Military SFAn essay which attempts to grasp the current state of British military SF and how American science fiction publishing has transformed in the past five years.This is The Empire at War: British Military SF. Now, go lose yourself in the stories within!

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Time flew unnoticed.

I never liked the book.

A wonderful piece

Energy text

You need to be clear about what this book is for and what it can give you.

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