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  • Polaris: a celebration of polar science by Julie E. Czerneda

    Date of issue: February 13th 2007

    The author of the book: Julie E. Czerneda

    ISBN: 0889953724

    Edition: Red Deer Press

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    ISBN 13: 9780889953727

    Book Title: Polaris: a celebration of polar science

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Canadian Science Writers' Association's Science in Society Journalism Award Winner, Youth Book category, 2007 From the Tales from the Wonder Zone series: POLARIS Solar storms ... Visitors from other worlds ... The struggle to survive a changing climate ... Solving mysteries under ice ... And above ... Celebrate the wonders of polar science with our talented authors as they let their imaginations soar over this world and beyond. But beware. Knowledge can help you survive. It can also reveal what you must fear!Featuring Sarah Niedoba's winning story from the International Polar Year's Student Writing Contest and a special introduction by IPY Youth Steering Committee members, Amber Church and Tyler Kuhn.10 original science-fiction stories based on the science and technology used to understand and explore polar regions on Earth and elsewhere. From understanding climate change on Earth to the search for life within the ice of Mars or Europa, polar science has never been more central to unraveling the secrets of our past, present and future. Polaris uses the speculation and imagination of science fiction to explore polar science itself. Where might it take us? What might certain discoveries mean? And at what cost do we take the frozen poles for granted?Award-winning editor Julie E. Czerneda has invited not only professional science fiction writers, including such well-respected names as Stephen Baxter, to contribute their talents, but also, with the help of the IPY Youth Committee, arranged for an international writing contestopen to students from around the world interested in polar science. The best of these stories, vetted for their science as well as the quality of writing, appear in Polaris.A celebration of science and creativity. A thoughtful, provocative look at what the future may hold for all of us. Polaris is an unforgettable trip to the domain of ice and snow.

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Fantastic book!

Perfect Design and content!

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Why is she out! It must be endless!

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