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  • The hell you say by Josh Lanyon

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    The author of the book: Josh Lanyon

    Book Title: The hell you say

    Date of issue: March 6th 2006

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Dear Jake Riordan, You are a diiiiiiickkkkk with a capital "D"Adrien= doormat who accepts Jake's $hit and doesn't make a stink about itJake= selfish assholeMe= livid that I give a crap, livid that I'm addicted to this infuriating series!I'm sorry but this is not a romance series. This is a glimpse inside an abusive, dissatisfying relationship that serves as the evil background for the fascinating mystery writing. I'm most concerned about (view spoiler)[the fact that Jake and Adrien have unprotected sex (mentioned multiple times) and Jake still banging his "woman" and god knows who else, getting his girlfriend pregnant, and Adrien just TAKING IT!?!?!?!?!? I'm not even going to mention Jake getting physical with Adrien, that is just icing on the cake (hide spoiler)].**DEEP BREATHS, DEEP CALMING BREATHS**I'm going to settle myself down enough to write something coherent. In a minute.ONE MORE MINUTE... STOP PUSHING ME.Okay, okay, I'm ready...First of all, I'll mention that the audiobook for this series is AMAZING. The narrator is spot on, just perfection. He nails every aspect of every character and I think he is instrumental in making me love this series. The mystery is also incredibly well done. I keep guessing and guessing along with Adrien. Josh Lanyon really knows how to write an engaging mystery story and mystery isn't my genre. All in all, book three had me most engaged (see raging above) and the fact that I got so emotionally involved gives this book 4 stars. But Jake better do some freaking hands and knees groveling in the next book or I'll be the one committing murder.

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This book would read to every man for ...

A hard, shocking, but extremely useful book that makes you think!

I was inspired by this book!

When you regret the book ends!

I really hated the book.

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