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  • The heretic by Lewis Weinstein

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    Book Title: The heretic

    Edition: Good News Publishers

    ISBN: 0967134803

    Date of issue: January 1st 2000

    ISBN 13: 9780967134802

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This is a book that I wanted to read after talking a wee bit with its writer on Goodreads, he chose interesting books in reading so I was kind of curious. The previous book I read was a story taking place between the two World wars in the last century.This story takes Place in medieval Spain where the Moors still rule a large part of the country and in a period that the Church of the Christians still wants the power over Europe through their followers. This is the story of "the conversos", baptized Jews, who are even in their new faith as industrious as ever and hence are looked upon with jealous feelings by their fellow Christians. I had never heard of this chapter of the religious history of Europe so was very curious learning more about another bloody period in medieval Europe.This book is about a family caught in a religious fire about to break out in Europe, the Inquisition as it well known today. I myself knew the stories but the writer manages to tell this story while at the same time giving it a human face that you cannot fail to empathize with. It is about the theological reasons, jealousy and power in an era in which faith was seen as way to guide and correct people into doing what a centralized government needed them to be done. Faith was a weapon to be aimed and used.It is a human story about religious persecution and it is told in an very well written book that tells the story of a terrible period in history where the world started to change because of people like Guttenberg who invented the printing press which would make the world an opener place in the centuries to come.Once again the writer convinced me that he is an excellent writer of Historical novels in which he with great talent shows us insight in the darker periods of our history.You are well advised to obtain a copy and read it.

Reviews for the book The heretic

A useful book to free yourself from negative emotions and joy.

Time flew unnoticed.

Black and White

The book caused contradictory feelings!

Reality has surpassed expectations.

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