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  • Bleach 41 by Tite Kubo

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    Edition: Tokyopop Verlag

    Book Title: Bleach 41

    Date of issue: September 17th 2015

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    The author of the book: Tite Kubo

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19 December 2012Rating: * * * * 1/2Oh, the emotions! Bleach, Volume 41: Heart took me on a roller-coaster of feelings from:(view spoiler)[WOAHHHHH!toNOOOOOOO!toAWWWWWW![image error]On a side note, this was distracting. Anyone else think this looks like butt crack? (hide spoiler)]The battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra was phenomenal. This part of the book gets a solid five stars. It was intense, surprising, and mind-blowing. I absolutely loved it. I also really loved Uryū in these past two volumes.After the amazing action sequence in the beginning of the volume, the rest of the book had a hard time keeping it at the same level of intensity. I enjoyed the Soul Reaper captains battling it out with the Espadas, but the long-winded explanations of how-my-power-is-better-than-your-power gets pretty old. Just fight already! Because of this, I felt a little disappointed in the eagerly anticipated fight with Hitsugaya and Halibel.Even with the excessive talking, discovering the Espadas' powers was really interesting, and I'm looking forward to finding out more. (view spoiler)[ R.I.P. Ulquiorra. I hope this really isn't the end for you. (hide spoiler)]

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The book that found the answer to my question

A book that has changed and continues to change my life for the better!

A cozy book that teaches small things, happiness, in detail!

Phone number you need to drive to protect against robots.

Written easily, vividly, wisely.

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