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  • Dark ivory tp by Joseph Michael Linsner

    The author of the book: Joseph Michael Linsner

    Book Title: Dark ivory tp

    ISBN: 1607063174

    ISBN 13: 9781607063179

    Date of issue: February 1st 2011

    Page views: 5356

    Edition: Image Comics

    Uploaded: 1058 times

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More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog http://surrealtalvi.wordpress.com/ This was a fairly easy read and kept me interested enough to finish it. But at the same time, I found it oddly disaffecting even though it is something that on all accounts I should have really liked.The narrative is third person but the art is all first person. I think that dissonance distracted me from the story enough that I kept having to 'get into' it again. Also, the narrative was oddly flat and emotionless - and written to the point of being almost simplistic. That also didn't create an interesting juxtaposition; instead, it was like I was reading a story set to a very different set of artwork.I haven't read the Dawn series, admittedly. So I took this story/book on its own merit. To me, it felt like there is something really good here but it lacked a very good and sympathetic yet objective editor. I do give it four stars because it avoids the TCSP (Top Cow Soft Porn) cliche of super thin girls with underwear straps hanging above their jeans and buff square jawed guys. The physiques are filled out - even the male love interest has a bit of a gut.

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Books are incredible magic that you can carry with you.


The idea is great, but sometimes the text suffers

My life was divided into two halves: before and after reading the book!

Useful book, lots of information

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