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  • Hunt for the saiph by P.P. Corcoran

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The war is won. It has been three long years since the Commonwealth witnessed the Others’ self-immolation on Durav. Three years of clearing one sector after another of the Others with their pathological hatred for all that was not of the Creator.Humanity and its allies rush to colonize the stars only to find that they are not the only ones with colonial ambitions. In a distant star system human colonists settle on a world they hope will become their new home. Until the arrival of the Turak, a race who claim prior rights to the planet. The colonist are forced to leave under the watching Turak who give them a stark warning to bring back to the Commonwealth. Encroach on any world under our control at your peril!Back on Earth some question the need for the Commonwealth at all. The Earth First Movement advocate a human isolationist policy and are willing to use any means to secure power and they have powerful friends.The sudden destruction of the Alonan colony world of Balat by unidentified warships brings the Commonwealth and the Alonan Empire to the edge of open warfare. The Empire believes it to be a Commonwealth first strike. The Commonwealth claim no knowledge of the attack. Had the Empire stumbled into Turak territory?With war once again threatening to explode amongst the stars the true orchestrator lurks in the shadows. The Creator has returned.

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Watch out! Maybe a fundamental change in your life!

Our favorite book

A charming book, a lot more!

It reads on one breath.

A hard, shocking, but extremely useful book that makes you think!

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