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  • Evil inc. annual report, volume 4 by Brad Guigar

    Book Title: Evil inc. annual report, volume 4

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    Edition: Toonhound Studios LLC

    The author of the book: Brad Guigar

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    Date of issue: 2009

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    ISBN 13: 9780981520926

    ISBN: 0981520928

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This is the fourth installment of the series of graphic novels based on the daily comic strip, Evil Inc. This is not simply a collection of comic strips. Rather, I take the individual panels of the strips and lay out a continuous graphic novel. Since I do a storyline-driven comic, it reads smoothly from cover to cover, and since it’s based on a daily humor strip, reading it in one volume lends it a rapid-fire sense of humor.In this volume, Captain Heroic finds himself named the CEO of Evil Inc with a mandate to curtail the company’s evil commerce without losing money. As if that isn’t enough:-A mysterious new villain makes his ominous presence known.-A plot to blow up the Evil Inc building is uncovered.-Cap’s 5-year-old son is kidnapped.

Reviews for the book Evil inc. annual report, volume 4

I really hated the book.

A wonderful book, like all the works of this author.

From disgust to delight!

Why do I need to drive a phone number?

A useful book to free yourself from negative emotions and joy.

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