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  • Transformers: dark cybertron volume 1 by James Roberts

    ISBN 13: 9781613778913

    The author of the book: James Roberts

    ISBN: 1613778910

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    Date of issue: April 29th 2014

    Book Title: Transformers: dark cybertron volume 1

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    Edition: IDW Publishing

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Dark Cybertron is a great way to mark two years of stories for the twin Transformers titles; More Than Meets the Eye and Robots In Disguise. Dark Cybertron is an epic story that merged the cast of the two books, and bought Orion Pax (nee Optimus Prime) back into the fold. IDW even sprung for acclaimed artist Phil Jimenez to do alternate covers and layouts on the first over-sized chapter of the story.The art is a mess though; there are two many artist doing too many sections that there isn't any cohesiveness to it. There's one perfect fit though; artist Livio Ramondelli's contribution was set in the Dead Universe and his post-apocalyptic styling was a perfect fit storytelling wise. The reader could see that this was a different universe and the robots don't belong in it.There's a promise of payoff in volume two so it would make sense to read that as well when you're done with this one. I felt obligated to read this story because I was following the Lost Light crew on More Than Meets the Eye and though it was great to have the great Orion Pax on board, I felt that this story distracts from the overall story of the monthly series. I guess the reader would know for sure with volume two.

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