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  • Magdalene, la mujer que camina con jesus by Ki Longfellow

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    Book Title: Magdalene, la mujer que camina con jesus

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    ISBN 13: 9781937819019

    The author of the book: Ki Longfellow

    Date of issue: May 19th 2012

    ISBN: 1937819019

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Mariamne. Queen Bee. John the Less. Magdal-eder.Daughter. Prophet. Student. Apostle.Woman. Man. Heart. Rock. Beloved.Many names, many roles, many titles.Only one human being. Mary Madgalene This book is wonderful, and I am so glad of being able to read it. I am always being a "fan" of Mary Magdalene, and here I was able to read the story that I want to read about her life. Definitely it's now one of my favorite books.I am not saying that this is the truth. However, if you really believe that Mary Magdalene was only a whore, well, only I can say that you are as blind as the men at the time when she lived.Beautiful story of the life of the one known as Mary Magdalene since her early age of 14 years old, until the end of days of Jesus and beyond.If you don't feel thrilled just reading of Mary Magdalene stepping into the Great Library of Alexandria, well, maybe this isn't the book for you. For me, that was one of the best moments in literature that I ever read.Formidable tale of the journey in life of Mary Magdalene which it was fated to cross with the path of Jesus.If you look an exact script taken from the Bible, maybe you have to read the Bible then, and don't get me wrong, I am Catholic and I respect the Bible, but if you are a little open minded, I am sure that you will enjoy this book.This isn't about truth. There are many truths. The important thing in a story is the message. And the message here is glorious. Men and women will forever make gods of others rather than see the god in themselves.

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The book is really worthy of the bestseller!

Just a terrific book.

The book caused contradictory feelings!

The book caused contradictory feelings!

I keep this book in my hand and feel so happy.

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