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  • Max by Bob  Graham

    The author of the book: Bob Graham

    Edition: Walker Books Ltd

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    ISBN 13: 9780744589054

    ISBN: 0744589053

    Date of issue: August 6th 2001

    Book Title: Max

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This book is about a baby, but it was not a normal baby because it's parents where superheroes. Their names are Captain Lightning and Madam Thunderbolt. The superbaby was named Max and could already walk and talk. This made his parents think that he would fly in no time. His grandparents talked about how he would be a superhero as soon as he learned how to fly. They tried to teach him by throwing him in the air but he still could not fly he just floated back down to the ground. Even when Max grew older he still could not fly, but his parents had faith that he would fly in time. His dad tried to get him to try to fly by inviting him to come up to the ceiling to play with him and a parakeet. Max said no because he wanted to play with the dog. His grandpa began to talk about how he could fly when he was Max's age. When he went to school he was just an ordinary kids with a cape and mask. Kids began to ask him question about his powers and why he was not like his parents. Max did not know what to say when people asked him so he just shrugged. He woke up one morning and saw a bird about to fall form its nest. He ran downstairs so that he could save it from falling and getting injured. As the baby bird fell Max dove to save it and that is how he learned to fly. His family was proud of him and told him to be careful while he was up there. From that day forward Max flew everywhere he even hovered over his chair in class. Now that Max can fly will he be a great superhero or will he just be a ordinary boy that can fly?This books gives kids a great message, which is that if you do not succeed try and try again. Max can not fly but he keeps trying even though he fails. His powers came in handy during a moment of need. He did not get mad when people asked him questions about his powers. He just shrugged it off and kept doing what he wanted to do. His grandpa was kind of unsupportive because all he did was talk about how he could fly when he was Max's age. I thought it was funny how Max is a superbaby, but he still does everything normal he just learned a few things a little bit quicker. Another thing that I thought was funny was the fact that their house is a giant lightning bolt. Usually superheroes try not to be discovered, but they are just out in the open. I am surprised that they do not have media at their house twenty four seven.The illustrations in this book are very entertaining. I like how they put a bunch of pictures in separate boxes on certain pages because it reminds me of a comic book. The pictures where very detailed and had small things in the backgrounds like the parents on the cover of the newspaper. They also had a lot of trophies that they probably won for saving peoples life. I liked the very first illustration at the beginning of the book because they are flying next to a plane with their baby in a stroller. I just though it was kind of crazy because Max is just a little baby. That seems like a very dangerous thing to do with your child even if he is a superbaby. Overall this was a great story and teaches kids to never give up.

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Total disappointment

Phone number you need to drive to protect against robots. I indicated the phone and downloaded without registration.

One time

Put it on the toilet paper! or the fireplace!

This book is awesome!

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