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  • Verführung by Amanda Hocking

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    Date of issue: 2011

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    Book Title: Verführung

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I'm still struggling with how many stars I should give this, but I think I'll settle for 2,5.In one of the first chapters, Milo slips, breaks his neck and then Alice has To decide to either let her brother die or to let them turn him into a vampire. She tells Jack to turn him and then spends some time blaming him for 'doing that to Milo'. O_O & --> this is what my face looked like while I read that part. If you think that's selfish then brace yourself.Milo is a new vampire and he needs to adjust to his new life. He needs to learn how to control himself, how to feed, how to live, what do to,... and that takes time. Alice thinks that time should be spent on her, of course. And she's jealous of the fact that Milo is crushing on Jack, who isn't even gay.To make up for it, Jack takes Alice and Milo to a vampire club, but since Alice is the shiny new object that catches everybody's attention, they have to leave because she is so delicious. She even manages to make two new enemies, who desperately want to do a lot of stuff to her, and I'm not even sure what all of that is, but I do know I wouldn't be able to watch it if they ever turn it into a movie. We meet them again when Milo thinks it's a good idea to go to a non-vampire gay club with Alice and Jane. Milo and Jane get it on, while Alice manages to get herself almost killed. Again. They fight, they get away, Milo loses too much blood and bites Jane and from that point on Jane wants nothing more than to get into Milo's still gay pants (and apparently considers certain painful operations to get past that obstacle).Peter is gone for almost the entire book (and I didn't mind one bit to be honest), so Jack and Alice keep doing their mating dance, where they make each other crazy, without really doing anything. After getting herself almost killed for a third time (le sigh) Jack takes her up to his room to comfort her and finally bites her. And then everybody is running around in circles because Peter will kill both of them.Peter comes home, he fights with Jack, and then it all went pretty quickly because suddenly Jack is feeding Alice his blood and telling her they should run away together. I still don't like Alice but I could tolerate her more, probably because she was asleep/unconscious for 54% of the book. I hope Vampire!Alice is more likable. At first, I didn't like Vampire!Milo but he kinda grew on me and now he's right behind Jack as far as my favorite characters go.What else... Again there were a lot of descriptions of what people are wearing, that's something that annoyed me in My Blood Approves as well. I like to get an idea of what somebody looks like, but I don't really need to know what brands everybody is wearing every time they change their outfit.So on to Flutter now, I guess.

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He does not stop applaud author and his works.

This is a very predictable author. When you get a book for free, you can read it. The intrigue is present, the unbundling is clear.

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