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  • The elements by Teresa L. Perin

    Date of issue: September 18th 2013

    ISBN 13: 9781478701132

    Edition: Outskirts Press

    Page views: 3604

    The author of the book: Teresa L. Perin

    Last download: 1 days ago

    ISBN: 1478701137

    Uploaded: 1933 times

    Book Title: The elements

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Jillian has just finished her first year of college and figures she’ll have a nice quiet summer back home on the family’s goat farm. Those plans are forgotten, however, when she and her cat and goat are transported to the kingdom of Aeviternus, in an alternate world. She wants desperately to find a way back home and sets off in search of the one magician skilled enough to return her to her own world. She discovers the primal elements in this realm and encounters many different creatures along the way. She is befriended by twin clerics, but then she ends up in the hands of a sexual sadist and learns about the dark side of this land, it looks like she may be doomed. Her cleric friends rush to rescue her with the aide of two magicians. Will Jillian be able to get home? Will she find love in this brutal world? Or will she fall victim to evil? An erotic fantasy, The Elements is the first book in the Aeviternus Adventures series. It’s non-stop action and adventure across the kingdom.

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