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  • Ghosts and goblins of rainbow road by Robert Thornhill

    Date of issue: August 15th 2010

    ISBN 13: 9781453770382

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    The author of the book: Robert Thornhill

    Book Title: Ghosts and goblins of rainbow road

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Book Review: Ghosts and Goblins of Rainbow Road Growing up in the Fifties, it was Superman (and Supergirl) with their magical powers of strength that could best the evildoers and save the world for "Truth, Justice, and the American Way;" twenty years later, my older children hero worshiped Steve Austin the Bionic Man (and the girls all wanted to be Jamie, the Bionic Woman); and by the Eighties, my younger daughters would get up at the crack of dawn to see the latest episode of Power Rangers. All were fantasy heroes dedicated to fighting evil, championing the underdog, and ensuring justice for the victims of crime. Today's children have a new series of books which teach moral values through super-powered characters...this time using children of their own age. Robert Thornhill was intrigued when his grandson wrote a book as a second grade year-end assignment. Blake told a story about two children who meet a leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Building on Blake's idea, Robert fine-tuned the story in Super Secrets of Rainbow Road, the first of a series of books based on this theme. This was followed by Super Powers of Rainbow Road, Hawaiian Rainbows, Patriotic Rainbows and Sports Heroes of Rainbow Road. Book 6, Ghosts and Goblins of Rainbow Road, has a holiday feel as it is set at Hallowe'en. There haven't been any rainstorms of note (no rainbows) since summer and Blake, and his younger sister, Breonna (the real grandchildren of Thornhill), are excited to once again hop on the Rainbow Road, a multi-colored twisty-curvy stream like a waterslide ride, found at the end of the rainbow, to ride to the green bed of Lucky Leprechaun, the keeper of the Pot of Gold. These gold coins are not for money...they empower the recipient of the coin to have a special ability to do super-power things! Breonna is given the power of Invisibility, but they will need all their previous super powers of X-ray Vision, Super Hearing, Strength, Truth, and Invincibility, to help change some history in Old Salem, MA on Hallowe'en Night in 1692. Using these powers they are able to save Mary Bradbury from burning at the stake as a witch, as well as save a little boy who fell into the basement of an old abandoned house. If you check out Mary Bradbury, you will find that she was mysteriously saved from her death. No one knows what really happened to change this outcome, but it did. Makes you wonder if Blake and Breonna could be real? Blake and Breonna are not perfect children, but they want to be good, as do most real children. The lessons they are learning from their parents, along with the lessons learned by using Lucky's gold coins, are gently taught to the reader in an environment that is fanciful and exciting. The illustrations are in Black & White, which allows the more creative child to color them as s/he imagines they should look. This is nice touch that draws children even closer into the stories and lets them take pride of ownership in the book. These would make great gifts as one volume, or as a set, for children in the primary grades who can begin to read the stories to themselves and younger siblings. They do follow a chronological order as each new book builds on the one before, so those who buy might want to start with Book 1 and work their way forward. Looks like the new generation has a new set of heroes!

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Poignant book.

Do you need a book to diversify your evening? Maybe you found her.

After this book, I look at the world with different eyes!

I read the whole book with a stupid smile on my face. General advice to everyone!

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