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  • The name of the game is death by Dan J. Marlowe

    The author of the book: Dan J. Marlowe

    Page views: 4445

    Book Title: The name of the game is death

    Date of issue: April 1st 1988

    Edition: Black Lizard Books

    ISBN: 0887390420

    ISBN 13: 9780887390425

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"Two guys with guts and a go-to-hell-with-you-Jack regard for consequences have about three chances in ten of pulling off a big, well-planned smash-and-grab. If one of them can shoot like me . . . the odds are a damn sight better."In the course of his line of business, the man who calls himself Roy Martin has robbed a bank in Phoenix, killed three men, and caught a bullet in his arm. Safety—and one half of $178,000—awaits him on the other side of the country. All that separates "Martin" from his destination are two thousand treacherous miles and three lethal temptations: to trust the wrong friend, to love the right woman, and to start believing that a man like himself can ever be safe.The Name of the Game is Death combines a narrative as taut as a hangman's rope with chillingly authentic insights into the psychology of casual murder.

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Total disappointment

Just a terrific book.

I never liked the book.

Great book!

Best among ordinary

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