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  • Cities of the red night by William S. Burroughs

    ISBN: 0141189932

    Edition: Penguin Classics

    Uploaded: 1029 times

    ISBN 13: 9780141189932

    Date of issue: January 28th 2010

    Book Title: Cities of the red night

    Page views: 3853

    Last download: 10 days ago

    The author of the book: William S. Burroughs

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An opium addict is lost in the jungle; young men wage war against an empire of mutants; a handsome young pirate faces his execution; and the world's population is infected with a radioactive epidemic. These stories are woven together in a single tale of mayhem and chaos. In the first novel of the trilogy continued in The Place of Dead Roads and The Western Lands, William Burroughs sharply satirizes modern society in a poetic and shocking story of sex, drugs, disease and adventure.

Reviews for the book Cities of the red night

Total disappointment

Total disappointment

Black and White

Despite the criticism, I liked the book!

This is a very predictable author. When you get a book for free, you can read it. The intrigue is present, the unbundling is clear.

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