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  • Mistress of rome by Kate Quinn

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    Book Title: Mistress of rome

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    Date of issue: June 10th 2010

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    The author of the book: Kate Quinn

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“I love you. I love the way you rub the scar on the back of your hand when you're nervous. I love the way you make a sword into a living part of your body. I love the way you burn your eyes into me, as if you're seeing me fresh every time. I love the black streak in you that wants to kill the world, and the soft streak that is sorry afterward. I love the way you laugh, as if you're surprised that you can laugh at all. I love the way you kiss my breath away. I love the way you breathe and speak and smile. I love the way you take the air out of my lungs when you hold me. I love the way you make a dance out of death. I love the confusion I see in your eyes when you realize you are happy. I love every muscle and bone in your body, every twist and bend in your soul.”

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Books are incredible magic that you can carry with you.

A charming book, a lot more!

Interesting, exciting story.

Our favorite book

For those who are bored to live

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