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  • Resident alien by Rian Malan

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    The author of the book: Rian Malan

    Book Title: Resident alien

    Edition: Jonathan Ball

    Date of issue: November 2010

    ISBN: 1868423565

    ISBN 13: 9781868423569

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Rian Malan is quite good as my South African friend wrote to me once ' at saying the unsayable!'. An understated comment in today's Saffa's racially charged discourse. His prose is edgy and keeps you turning page after page of often highly controversial material. Take for example his stance on highly inflated HIV numbers back in Mbekis time - reactions which gave him grief to no end - his investigation into the Boipatong massacre and the ANC's attempt to set up de Klerk - which again caused him immense pain. He has to be the one man who stands up to tell a different tale, even when he knows it might be wrong or heavily criticised. I particularly liked his piece on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission headed by Tutu (A Question of Spin). The sheer fact that Winnie Mandela was not found guilty and did not apologise for her involvement in many a criminal act cast the TRC in a different light for me. Clearly he is a white man in a country where now it is almost sacrilegious to mention the W word but he doesnt apologise for it and he certainly isnt scared to be out at the coal face of what he defines mutant South Africa. It would be unfair not to do him justice for some his old materials that are simply superb, such as In the Jungle, The Last Afrikaner, The People's Republic of Yeoville, Those Fabulous Alcock Boys. He has a way of drawing you into his world that is tantalising, dressed up in mock tones, almost self deprecatory. I love his style and will continue reading on as long as he publishes. With Peter Godwin, he has to be one of my favourite all time writers. I struggled to get this book unfortunately as it seems it s out of print. Amazon obliged but had to be shipped in from SA, which only took 3 weeks. I know some of the stories are more than a decade old, but isnt a lack of reprint here a form of censorship? His recent response on Helen Zille's twitter colonial debacle at this link confirms his stance as a writer you cannot afford to ignore if you are interested in South Africa.

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