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  • Shadow watcher by Ashlyn Mathews

    The author of the book: Ashlyn Mathews

    Edition: Crimson Romance

    Last download: 6 days ago

    Page views: 5555

    ISBN 13: 9781440556449

    Book Title: Shadow watcher

    Date of issue: September 10th 2012

    ISBN: 144055644X

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Demon Hunter Sophie Sinclair and ex-Homicide Detective Ryan Campbell are pitted against one another, tested by mysterious forces in a dangerous game of secret identities, contracts for murder and past betrayals.Sophie Sinclair was presumed dead. When an enemy’s transmitter reveals her existence, she must return home to bargain for her ex-lover’s life and face the unanswered questions from her past.Ryan Campbell is a reluctant fighter. Bitter since his father’s murder, he wants nothing to do with the paranormal world. When his act of betrayal is discovered, he must do the unthinkable to save his life.Duty above love, duty above family and to protect the weak from the strong. Sophie has always lived by her family’s motto. Will she choose to protect the ex-lover from her past or the reluctant fighter who could be her future? She can save only one man.

Reviews for the book Shadow watcher

I really hated the book.

Easy to read, easy to understand!

Interesting and nontrivial story

An interesting book, not like the other

Book will go one time.

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