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  • An indecent proposition by Stephanie Julian

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    The author of the book: Stephanie Julian

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    Book Title: An indecent proposition

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2.5 Kindle book (I don't understand the 5 star reviews)Only reviewing part 5, as all parts make 1 complete book. I don't know, maybe this should only be 2 stars, but I went with 2.5 because the storyline was surprisingly pretty decent. Girl gets paid a half million dollars to sleep with 2 hot millionaires, whose kinks involve some light bondage, spanking, and sharing a woman though they don't touch one another. Of course, all of them fall in love and the book follows their struggles to make a relationship work. In the background is the mystery of a Corporate sabotage case, but it's barely touched on (This would have made story a much more interesting read, instead of inner feelings, then sex...repeated over and over without a break). The low rating is due to the poor editing and proofreading. This read like a first draft. There were so many wrong words or just words missing from sentences that I lost track. That I could have glossed over, but there were other glaring issues a second set of eyes would have caught. I just want to scream HAVE SOMEONE ELSE PROOFREAD YOUR WORK!Issues I noted while reading: 1) She has sex with Keegan at a party, where he keeps her panties. Then she drives straight to Erik's house and 30 minutes later he's taking off her panties. Does she keep an extra pair in her junky car just in case some man keeps the one she's wearing? 2) she gets dressed up for a date, a black dress and bright red pumps. At the end of her date she toes off black shoes...hmm, coloring changing heels. 3) Keegan says that he and Keegan would like to be considered family. (Note that there are a couple other times when the wrong man's name is used in the sentence.) 4) AND the one that made me go insane...Erik is driving on their date. The guys take her back to Keegan's house. When they open the garage door Erik's sister's car is parked there. It's a big deal, because they see the car and don't want to go inside to see her. Anyway, the next scene the sister is demanding that Erik borrow Keegan's car to drive her to her hotel. Issue is, Erik AND his sister both have their own cars at Keegan's house...but now they've just disappeared. In fact, the sister never has her car again. She takes taxi's. There are more, like background characters' professions changing from one chapter to the other and such. If there had been more care taken with editing the rating would certainly be higher.

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Written easily, vividly, wisely.

Great book!

Written easily, vividly, wisely.

I keep this book in my hand and feel so happy.

Why is she out! It must be endless!

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