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  • La guardia dei topi - leggende volume tre by David Petersen

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    Edition: Panini 9L

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    Book Title: La guardia dei topi - leggende volume tre

    Date of issue: 2016

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    The author of the book: David Petersen

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I really enjoyed all of the Legends of the Guard series. It's cool to see all of the different creator's takes on the world of the Mouse Guard. The variety and quality of the stories really show this is world has lot more to explore. I didn't really have any particular favorites but all of the stories were good and while I liked some of the art better than others, it all fit together well, especially within the framework of the series. I really wasn't sure how much I would enjoy stories of talking mice, but the work is good it transcends the idea of anthropomorphic animals. If you think you'd enjoy a mixture of the Wind in the Willows and The Lord of the Rings, check this series out.

Reviews for the book La guardia dei topi - leggende volume tre

This story is going to be remembered for a long time.

Another one-time book

Rarely do the books make me cry, but this one could.

Interesting and nontrivial story

Interesting, exciting story.

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