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  • Microworlds by StanisłAw Lem

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    Book Title: Microworlds

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    Date of issue: January 1st 2012

    The author of the book: StanisłAw Lem

    Edition: Mariner Books

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An extremely dense and provocative collection of essays on science fiction by one of the masters of the genre. Lem's insights are always on the spot, and his criticisms of such sub-genres as the time-travel story are scathing. In the final analysis, the only other science fiction writer besides Lem himself he seems to appreciate is Philip K Dick, specifically his novel Ubik, and perhaps Lem only likes him because he hasn't read enough of Dick's work.More often than not, I feel Lem has the tendency to not see the forest from the trees (or perhaps the other way around). He criticizes science fiction for falling into the routine of individuals being confronted by science fiction phenomena, and is critical of the fact that the genre pays too much attention to the individuals than with the universal consequences of the phenomena (this is his main bone to pick with Roadside Picnic). It's certainly a valid point, especially when the plot in questions resolves around an unnecessary romantic relationship or something like that, but there would be no science without people, and no people without individuals confronting science. The only novel I've read by Lem, Solaris, is an excellent example of good science fiction precisely because it tackles both the universal and the individual affects of unexplained phenomenon. Apparently Lem would like us all to read some sort of platonic, dry form of science fiction totally devoid of personality, a science fiction that is simply science-fiction, of scientists experimenting in a vacuum. Such work wouldn't be very interesting or entertaining, and this goes a long way to explain why later in life Lem went on to write books that were catalogs of fake books, as if he realized that such science fiction stories would only work as synopsis, that as richly developed concepts they wouldn't be able to breathe.An extremely intelligent book that shows Lem's well founded embarrassment with the genre of science fiction.

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Bogus! You could have done better.

Why do you need to drive a phone?

He does not stop applaud author and his works.

Reality has surpassed expectations.

Poignant book.

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