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  • Pratt of the argus by David Nobbs

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    Date of issue: August 4th 1997

    Last download: 19 days ago

    Edition: Mandarin

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    ISBN 13: 9780749300203

    The author of the book: David Nobbs

    ISBN: 0749300205

    Book Title: Pratt of the argus

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Henry Pratt, back home from National Service, is a man at last. As eager to prove it as he is to please, he is in at the deep end in his chosen profession - cub reporter on the Thurmarsh Evening Argus.As trams and typewriters chatter to the echoes of Suez and Hungary, Henry finds himself in an exciting if bewildering world. His first scoop about a stolen colander is not quite as straightforward as he hopes.Misprints and chuckles abound as ever-hopeful Henry manages to fall foul both of typesetters and attractive women. And, in a profession not noted for kindness to the diffident, he is as prone to accident as practical jokes.Nothing ever goes quite right for Henry. So when the scoop of a lifetime finally comes his way it threatens to upset the family and complicate further his ever-hopeful love life.

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Phone number you need to drive to protect against robots.

Light fiction for Cloudy day

Contradictory. On the one hand, it pulls in and on the other ...

The beginning is exciting, but at the end of the book is just a very template.

All right, thanks fast.

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