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  • The prefect by Alastair Reynolds

    ISBN: 0441017223

    ISBN 13: 9780441017225

    Date of issue: May 26th 2009

    Book Title: The prefect

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    The author of the book: Alastair Reynolds

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    Edition: Ace Books

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I can see this novel being made into a film directed by Ridley Scott and in the mold of Alien and Blade Runner, or Peter Hyams' 1981 film starring Sean Connery Outland.The Prefect, first published in 2007, by Welsh author Alastair Reynolds, is a stand alone novel but a part of his larger Revelation Space universe of stories and novels. It was a Locus Award nominee for Best SF novel in 2008 (Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policeman’s Union won that year) and was also a nominee for 2007 best novel by The British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) (Ken MacLeod’s The Night Sessions won). It is simply a very, very good science fiction novel.As a part of the Revelation Space future history, it is set in the Glitter Band, a collection of semi-autonomous habitats orbiting the distant planet of Yellowstone. Describing the Glitter Band’s hundreds of millions of inhabitants and their ten thousand separate habitats provides Reynolds and opportunity, literarily almost limitless, to explore varying socio-economic-political institutions. The Prefect includes a portrayal of a habitat where all of the citizens remain in a virtual reality stasis, another world where the residents exist in an almost complete egalitarian / anarchist society. All of the worlds share in common a universal voting system that decides overall Glitter Band policies as well as local decisions.Akin to Poul Anderson’s Harvest of Stars series, people in Reynolds’s Revelation Space universe have the ability to enjoy biological and neurological alterations. This ability provides Reynolds with a fascinating abundance of character models and sci-fi spectacle. Also like Anderson’s earlier work, a person’s intelligence and memory can be downloaded into another body or machineThe Prefect as a novel is a complex murder mystery that follows the exploits of Tom Dreyfus, a member of a special investigations police force called the Panoply that is responsible for policing the Glitter Band. Like his counterparts in Alien, Blade Runner and Outland, the reader follows Dreyfus through his investigations with Reynolds’s masterful science fiction universe as a backdrop. Very good.

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One of the best books

He does not stop applaud author and his works.

A wonderful piece

Put it on the toilet paper! or the fireplace!

Now this book is one of my favorites!

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