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  • Poindexter makes a friend by Mike Twohy

    ISBN 13: 9781442409651

    The author of the book: Mike Twohy

    Date of issue: May 3rd 2011

    Page views: 5895

    Book Title: Poindexter makes a friend

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    ISBN: 1442409657

    Edition: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books

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Summary: Poindexter Makes a Friend is about a very shy pig that has a hard time playing with his friends, because he rather be doing other things like going to the library and reading alone. Since he reads so much at the library the librarian allows him to visitors to the library find books. One day a shy turtle Shelby walks in and needs help finding a book on how to make friends. Poindexter leads him to this book and they end up reading it together. As they go through the steps to become friends they end up becoming friends because they realize they have so much in common! Theme: This book had a theme of how to be a good friend, it simply goes over 4 steps that help you be a good friend but it also shows you what you should do to make new friends.I think this book executes this well because it is made easy and understandable for young children. Personal Reflection: Even though this book is aimed at a young age group I think the rules it says on how to make friends apply to every age. It is a good reminder about how being nice and smiling can go a long way. Without doing these things how would a person make friends? Sometimes it is the is the simplest things that a friendship can form from. My best friend to this day and I formed a relationship just because we smiled and had mutual interest. We met on campus through other people and it worked out because we fell the same about a lot of social topics and just care for each other in general. Thats what good friends are for!Recommendation: I would recommend this book from grades K-2, it is a very simple read with few pages on each page and very fun pictures. But it gives a really good lesson, it teaches you how to be a friend! And at that age I think it is developmentally appropriate about how to talk about being a friend and a good reminder on how to treat the friends you already have!

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