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  • Shinobi life, vol. 13 by Shoko Conami

    Date of issue: 2012

    Edition: Akita Shoten

    ISBN: 4253196497

    Book Title: Shinobi life, vol. 13

    Page views: 4481

    Last download: 6 days ago

    ISBN 13: 9784253196499

    The author of the book: Shoko Conami

    Uploaded: 1384 times

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Many, many years ago, a ninja named Kagetora devoted his life to protecting Princess Beni (”Beni-Hime”). Unfortunately, they were attacked and Kagetora was flung into a lake, and sank to the bottom… And is somehow warped to the future where he sees the princess Beni being kidnapped.Little does Kagetora know that Beni is not the real princess, but rather her descendant. Beni, on the other hand, thought that Kagetora was just a cosplayer. Beni, the daughter of a rich man has already been kidnapped a hundred times already... But fear not because Kagetora is here. Will Kagetora be able to go back to the past, or will he remain by Beni’s side forever?

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Easy to read, easy to understand!

A book that completely overturned consciousness

The most cool book

Quickly downloaded

A hard book, obviously not for everyone.

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