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  • Charlie bone and the shadow of badlock by Jenny Nimmo

    The author of the book: Jenny Nimmo

    Date of issue: May 1st 2009

    Uploaded: 2531 times

    ISBN 13: 9781405245869

    Edition: Egmont Books (UK)

    ISBN: 1405245867

    Book Title: Charlie bone and the shadow of badlock

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Can you imagine somewhere where certain people had extraordinary powers? In the book Charlie Bone and the Shadow, where this story takes place, some people do have special powers. I read the book Charlie Bone and the Shadow and it is a great story. This story is written by Jenny Nimmo and is the seventh book in a series. In this story an evil enchanter comes back after being defeated and banished once. Throughout most of the story is in a painting. Any body he wants he lures them down and sucks them into the painting he is in. The setting in this story seems to be the late 1900s in Britain. There is a very old part of town with cobble stone streets, a town square, small shops, and a cathedral in the town square. The rest of the town is new because a while ago a fire went through the town and the only reason one part of the town was saved was because of the enchanters that lived there. There are many characters in the story. The main character is Charlie Bone. Charlie Bone has an extraordinary power, or as the book calls it “endowed”, in which he is able to travel into pictures. Also, he never thinks before he does stuff – which gets him into trouble. In addition he has thick bushy brown hair. Also, in this book there is an evil enchanter. His name is Count Harken or, as he is also called, the shadow. He is very powerful and evil. He can enchant people to do whatever he wants. The book I read also has great descriptions. The author takes an entire paragraph to describe how someone looks. Also, as you go through the book a picture of the town really builds up in your head. You feel like you are actually there. In conclusion, Charlie Bone and the Shadow is a great book. It has great descriptions, moves quickly and has a great plot. I highly recommend you read this book.

Reviews for the book Charlie bone and the shadow of badlock

Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Just an incredibly scary, deep and interesting book, penetration to shivers!

You need to be clear about what this book is for and what it can give you.

A hard, shocking, but extremely useful book that makes you think!

This book is holding in tensions until the end!

I really hated the book.

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