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  • Encore to murder by Bill Stackhouse

    Date of issue: November 10th 2002

    Edition: iUniverse

    ISBN 13: 9780595256242

    Page views: 5913

    Uploaded: 2378 times

    The author of the book: Bill Stackhouse

    ISBN: 0595256244

    Book Title: Encore to murder

    Last download: 8 days ago

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Even with a left leg shattered by a drug dealer's bullet and a medical retirement from the Detroit Police Force, former homicide captain Ed McAvoy feels he’s too young to be put out to pasture.With the slower pace in the Catskills, being Chief of Police in Peekamoose Heights will be sort of like running a country club, or so he thinks. After all, how much crime can there be?McAvoy soon discovers that his skills as a homicide detective will not atrophy from lack of use in Peekamoose Heights. Murder, as it turns out, is an equal-opportunity crime that not only resides in large bustling cities like Detroit, but in sleepy little Catskill villages like Peekamoose Heights as well.In this suspenseful prequel to Stream of Death, a former fashion model runs her car off a cliff at the Ashokan Pass on the outskirts of Peekamoose Heights in New York’s Catskills—or has it been made to look that way? What McAvoy suspects and what he can prove are two different things. But the retired big-city homicide detective, and now newly hired village Chief of Police, has a few tricks up his sleeve that may lead him to that proof.

Reviews for the book Encore to murder

I never liked the book.

You want to waste your time? This book fits perfectly.

This book is holding in tensions until the end!

Our favorite book

Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Just an incredibly scary, deep and interesting book, penetration to shivers!

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