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  • The please and thank you book (armada picture lions) by Richard Scarry

    Book Title: The please and thank you book (armada picture lions)

    The author of the book: Richard Scarry

    Uploaded: 2136 times

    Date of issue: October 4th 1973

    Page views: 3899

    Edition: Picture Lions

    Last download: 14 days ago

    ISBN 13: 9780006606710

    ISBN: 0006606717

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This book was good with its words and pictures, it's like a magazine if children liked reading magazines. If this book were read to a child, it would be good for them because it teaches about how they should act and it also teaches about using good manners, safety rules, etc.... This book seems to have multiple short stories in it so it should be able to keep everyone awake because you move onto a new story fast. This book has animals in it instead of people which I thought was interesting because the animals are using things just like people such as driving a car, eating to a table, going to school, etc.... The pictures aren't really that big if you were to be reading this book to a big group so it would be hard for everyone to see. I liked that some of the words were put right by the character when they were talking to show who's talking in the story.

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You need to be clear about what this book is for and what it can give you.

I recommend it.

An interesting book, Hard to tear down

Our favorite book

Books are incredible magic that you can carry with you.

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