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  • Martins mice by Dick King-Smith

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    Date of issue: January 5th 1999

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    The author of the book: Dick King-Smith

    Book Title: Martins mice

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Of all the King-Smith books we've read so far (and we're on a roll with those), this is by far Logan's favorite. A barn cat named Martin thinks mice are cute and doesn't want to kill them. When he sees that the farm girl keeps rabbits as pets, he decides he's going to keep a mouse. He finds one, but from the beginning, it's not as simple as Martin imagined. To begin with, Drusilla the mouse isn't that keen on the idea. Then, when he convinces her and gets her all set up in an old bathtub in a hay shed, he has to worry about getting her food and water, cleaning up after her, and protecting her from his siblings who feel that mice are definitely for eating! When Drusilla has babies, and then Martin's tough old tomcat dad appears on the scene, Martin's paws are full. I enjoy reading King-Smith aloud because he's funny and, considering talking animals figure largely in his stories, surprisingly realistic. I loved in this book that Martin has to cope with the realities of pet-keeping, right down to having to find Drusilla a mate when she wants to have babies.

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Light fiction for Cloudy day

An enticing cover and a controversial story.

Easy to read, easy to understand!

Frankly, double

Total disappointment

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