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  • Stick dog wants a hot dog by Tom     Watson

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    Date of issue: September 26th 2013

    The author of the book: Tom Watson

    Book Title: Stick dog wants a hot dog

    ISBN: 0007511493

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    Edition: HarperCollins

    ISBN 13: 9780007511495

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The story “Stick Dog Wants A Hot Dog” by Tom Watson is about when Stick Dog and his friends gets a whiff of hot dogs is a cart, he knows they has to get some. Along with his stray dog friends a Dalmatian named Stripes, a Dachshund named Karen, a mutt named Mutt, and a Poodle named Poo-Poo. Stick Dog and his friends go on a quest to get some great smelling hot dogs. It’s not an easy heist to pull off. On the way, they get interrupted by a raccoon trying to get the hot dogs to, Karen gets kidnaped, and the plans to get the hot dogs are bad. Stick Dog’s friends are not very good at coming up with strategies to get the food. Using teamwork, patience, and skill, will Stick Dog guide them to get the hot dogs? The genre of the book “Stick Dog” by Tom Watson can be classified as fiction, adventure, fantasy. There is a multitude of books in the Stick Dog series. This book isn't that long, exactly 220 pages. It's a quick and easy read, geared toured a younger audience. I like this book, because of the way the doggos think. It can hold the attention for me, which is small than the IQ that I don't have. Meaning that it would hold the attention of a younger audience. There is a lot of action and comedy for everyone of all ages. The words are easy to read and understand so that readers won't get lost throughout the great adventure the dog go through. I liked that it had a decent plot, but I found it a little two close to the last book. The thing I didn't like about the story was that this book has pretty much the same plot as the last book making not know what be surprised about. They followed the rules of story making and the adventure was packed with a couple of great characters that will probably won't be used again. For example, in the last book there were characters that had given them food, and the one thing that they mentioned about them is the food they gave them. There was really a lot of style to this writing and this book is told in third person as seen from all the characters perspectives. My favorite character in this the book was still Stick Dog. Stick Dog is the main character in the book series. Stick Dog is a dog with a brain when he is in a group of people who usually don't listen and have not so great ideas. When he goes on an adventure with his friends, he goes out of his way to help of his friend learn to stop being stupid. He learns that humans are wimps, and be exploited for food to eat. “Do you think all that stuff was a human mating dance?” is my favorite line from the book, because it is the best joke a book could ever make about a human exercising. It made me laugh for days. I can relate to Poo-Poo, because he and I have an IQ of .37. I believe that this dog book is worth reading if you liked the first one and it's plot.

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The idea is great, but sometimes the text suffers

My life was divided into two halves: before and after reading the book!

The most favorite book of all books

Interesting, exciting story.

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