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  • Bleach―― 46 [burīchi 46] by Tite Kubo

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    ISBN: 4088700856

    Date of issue: August 4th 2010

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    ISBN 13: 9784088700854

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    Edition: Shueisha

    The author of the book: Tite Kubo

    Book Title: Bleach―― 46 [burīchi 46]

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Well, hot dayum!! Here's a twist- guess who shows up all badass?? Ichigo's father- Isshin Kurosake. Continuing from the last volume, Ichigo gets his one strike in on Aizen and does draw blood. However, unbeknownst to us, Aizen has fused himself with the Hogyoku. He then starts to blab on and on about how he has set everything up since the beginning (and I mean, THE BEGINNING!). At this point, I'm dying for him to shut da fuck up, but that's when papa shows up! Hwoah- and he's looking good!Aizen and Isshin begin to battle as Aizen is turning into a...a...he looks like a tampon. I don't know what else to say. It's bizarre. As this transformation is going on, Ichigo begins to battle Gin. We see more of Gin's Bankai and more of his fighting technique. For some reason, I loved their battle- when Ichigo tells him that he couldn't sense his heart after their first battle, I really enjoyed that conversation. Well, as they are all fighting, in comes Urahara with a healthy blow to Aizen. They battle for a little while and them Yoruichi comes flying in. They bicker like an old married couple, but that's one of the reasons they are so fun to read about. After watching all of this transpire, Gin and Ichigo continue their battle. The last few scenes in this volume leaves us with Kira waking up and seeing Matsumoto on the move. We are left with that puzzle.

Reviews for the book Bleach―― 46 [burīchi 46]

This is a very predictable author. When you get a book for free, you can read it. The intrigue is present, the unbundling is clear.

Black and White

A book that impressed me to the depths of my soul.

Time flew unnoticed.

This book is worth reading!

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