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  • Bumf vol. 1 by Joe Sacco

    Edition: Edition Moderne

    Book Title: Bumf vol. 1

    ISBN: 3037311509

    ISBN 13: 9783037311509

    Date of issue: 2016

    Page views: 3725

    Uploaded: 1763 times

    The author of the book: Joe Sacco

    Last download: 10 days ago

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Bummer! Joe Sacco’s return to his underground roots should have been just what the doctor ordered. I mean, America’s ongoing slide towards totalitarianism certainly calls for uninhibited political satire, and with his background in both grassroots journalism and absurdist humor, Sacco seemed like the man for the job.Unfortunately, though, things don’t always work out the way they should. Sure, government secrecy, mass surveillance, institutionalized torture, and the military-industrial complex all make for very worthy topics, but the bits and pieces of outrageous narrative Sacco has constructed around them lack direction, insight, and comic timing. As a result, Bumf feels rather half-baked and obvious, neither informative nor particularly funny.I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I hope Joe Sacco will eventually write and draw that much-needed graphic novel on the politics and economics of globalization - that's a book I'd love to read, and it's also a book I'd love to use in the classes I teach. Globalization is key to understanding ANYthing these days, so it would be great to have a well-written comic book on the topic available! And Joe, I don't see anybody else in the room... - sorry, but I think you're the man for the job.

Reviews for the book Bumf vol. 1

From disgust to delight!

An interesting book, Hard to tear down

After reading this book, Your life will change!

Total disappointment

Pozitivnenko, but naпve to the ugly.

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