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  • The silver bough by Lisa Tuttle

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    Book Title: The silver bough

    Date of issue: July 5th 2012

    ISBN: 1780874391

    Edition: Jo Fletcher Books

    Page views: 3677

    The author of the book: Lisa Tuttle

    ISBN 13: 9781780874395

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Appleton is a small town nestled on the coast of Scotland. Though it was once famous for the apples it produced, these days it's a shadow of its former self. But in a hidden orchard a golden apple dangles from a silver bough, an apple believed lost for ever. The apple is part of a legend, promising either eternal happiness to the young couple who eat from it secure in their love - or a curse, for those who take its gift for granted. Now, as the town teeters on the edge of decline, the old rituals have been forgotten and the mists are rolling in. And in the mist, something is stirring...

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One breath reads!

A book that really liked it!

The book is a masterpiece that makes a richer soul, speech, and wider horizon.

There are clear drawbacks

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