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  • Cheyenne amber by Catherine Anderson

    Edition: HarperTorch

    The author of the book: Catherine Anderson

    Book Title: Cheyenne amber

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    ISBN: 0061080616

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    Date of issue: April 4th 1994

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***** 3 1/2 stars ******Laura Cheney is in a real bind. She is stuck alone with a newborn baby in a shack on the frontier near Denver after her no-good husband is killed for cheating at cards. She has no money and is estranged from her rich father in Boston who disowned her for marrying a man he didn't approve of for her, so she is stuck alone with a small baby and no friends or family. One day while she is collecting water from the nearby stream, commancheros steal her days old son who she left in the cabin while she lay unconsious after slipping and hitting her head. Frantic with fear, she goes to Denver to find someone to help her find her baby. But with all the Indian trouble nearby, no one will help her search for baby Jonathon. No one that is except one disreputable Deke Sheridan who was raised by the Cheyenne. Deke takes one look at Laura and thinks she is a fancy lady who was careless and lost her baby because of it. She promises him money she doesn't have if he will help her because she is desperate. Deke feels sorry for her despite himself, so they set off after the commancheros. Laura pushes herself beyond what she should because she needs to find her son. Deke and Laura get along like oil and water, with her "high falutin'" Boston way of speaking and his aw shucks country boy slang. I swear half of the first 200 pages were spent with her saying a fancy word and him having to ask what it meant. It got old really quick.Just as they are getting close to the commancheros, Deke realizes that Laura is very sick and that the commancheros traded the baby to his old Cheyenne band. He helps Laura heal then takes her to his friends in the Cheyenne camp, where he has to say the baby is theirs because his friend and his wife had claimed the baby to replace a child they lost. So Deke and Laura have to get married the Cheyenne way at the request of his friend before they can have the baby. They stay amoung the Cheyenne for a few weeks, where Deke and Laura fall in love. Deke was a very sweet man as he patiently showed Laura that all men were not like her abusive first husband and that he may bluster about things but he would never hurt her. Laura shows Deke that she has a lot of inner courage and strength, which he didn't see at first because he was not a fan of fancy ladies after a disastrous first marriage. There were a lot of very sweet and funny scenes in the second half of the book.Okay now the bad stuff: The heroine drove me crazy for the first half of the book. She was upity, ridiculously prudish to the point where she endangered her health, she talked down to the hero all the time and she was very prejudiced against the Cheyenne at first. I would waver between feeling sorry for her about the abusive first husband and losing her kid to wanting to smack some sense into her for acting like such an idiot. Zeke was a good hero but the author made his language way too "country bumpkin", which got annoying sometimes.But there were also a lot of good moments in the book, especially during the second part from where they were in the Cheyenne village and falling in love. I started to like Laura much better when she started loosening up, treating the Cheyenne as friends and seeing Deke for the strong, caring man he was. Deke worked really hard to help Laura trust him and learn her own strength, pride and self-repect which her first husband and her father had stolen from her. There were also a few funny parts, mainly from things Deke said or thought (he initially thought baby Jonathon had a case of the "uglies" because he was skinny from the stress of being kidnapped) and he was always sticking his foot in his mouth. He cared a lot for Laura and the baby, which was really sweet to see.Overall, the book had some nice, sweet and emotional scenes. But it also had a heroine that drove me crazy for about 200 pages of the book and other small things that would annoy me. So it all kind of evens out to about a 3 1/2 star read.

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