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  • Neon genesis evangelion, vol. 1: el ataque del ángel by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

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    Book Title: Neon genesis evangelion, vol. 1: el ataque del ángel

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    The author of the book: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

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When Shinji Ikari's estranged father arranges a meeting with him, it's not the heartfelt meeting he was hoping for. Gendo wants Shinji to pilot the Evangelion, the only machine capable of battling the monstrous angels descending to earth. Can Shinji defeat the angels and his most fearsome enemy, his desire for his father's approval?My manga self-education continues with Neon Genesis Evangelion. Reading this right on the heels of Getter Robo Devolution provides a nice contrast. Whereas GRD felt a lot more violent, this one felt more like the beginnings of a family drama that just happens to feature violence. Any man whose father is an "alpha male" can relate to Shinji. He doesn't know how to please his father but still wants his approval. Shinji has his coming of age moment inside the Evangelion but his father is still a distant prick. The art is softer than that of GRB, which fits in with its more sensitive subject matter. The battle scenes were clear and the characters were expressive. The designs of the EVA and the angels were memorable. I'm not prepared to call them iconic just yet but I still have thirteen or so more volumes to read. I'm really curious about the future of the series. There's a little sexual tension teased between Shinji and Captain Katsuragi. We'll see where that goes.I enjoyed this volume quite a bit. Hopefully the used bookstore has the rest of them. I'm getting the hang of this reading right to left business. Four out of five stars.

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