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  • Paradise forbidden by R.C. Knipstein

    The author of the book: R.C. Knipstein

    Date of issue: July 3rd 2014

    Last download: 2 days ago

    ISBN 13: 9781612963785

    Uploaded: 2112 times

    Edition: Black Rose Writing

    Book Title: Paradise forbidden

    Page views: 4699

    ISBN: 1612963781

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I received a free copy through Goodreads.---This book is definitely different from the ones I generally read. When I first started reading this book, I wasn't sure if I would like it. But soon enough it had me hooked, eager to find out what happens.The USA is experiencing an epidemic of depression, where it is on the verge of crippling the nation and causing concerns across the country. A committee of the most brilliant minds made the ultimate decision and in secrecy to introduce a fairly untested drug to the general population in the hopes of stemming the alarmingly rate of cases of depression. But was it too good to be true? It certainly was as things turned out to be for the worst. The drug had inadvertently started causing paralysis and breathing issues for the bulk of the population within a short year, which actually did cripple the nation beyond anything they had ever experienced in their homeland.We got to meet a few characters who helped contribute or played a part in this crisis. Alex is an interesting psychiatrist, who is very understanding and nurturing of those around him. It was unfortunate that he got blindsided by the sudden suicide of his beloved wife, Maria, thus resulting in a void and spiral of his family. I would have liked to see John experience some sort of effect in relation to the suicide, like Charlotte and Alex did, at least to see a wider range of emotions of steps for those who are working through the grieving cycle. It felt like the romance between Alex and Lauren were a little one dimensional and forced, because in an almost apocalyptic setting we gotta have romance to keep us going, right? I do like Lauren and Alex as an individual but it took time for them to grow on me as a concept of hope and the future in a sense. When I got to the ending I was like...what?! that's it?! So we don't get to know whether or not the general population lives or dies or.....?? After reflecting upon it, the ending makes sense. Life is full of uncertainties, where humans are constantly playing god and trying to prolong the life of human, sometimes with consequences. Overall, it was an interesting read. I did enjoy reading it for the most part.

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It was a surprisingly interesting book. Very highly recommended.

Strongly recommend

Something a favorite author wrote.

Total disappointment

How many times did I read ...-not boring! )))

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