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  • Worth waiting for by Xondra Day

    Book Title: Worth waiting for

    Uploaded: 2224 times

    Edition: Iron Rose Press

    ISBN 13: 9781479100750

    Date of issue: August 9th 2012

    Last download: 18 days ago

    The author of the book: Xondra Day

    Page views: 4636

    ISBN: 1479100757

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Twice in a lifetime?Craig isn't one for having friends. In fact, he's content being a loner until he meets new guy, Jason one summer's day. Jason is everything Craig isn't. Jason is handsome, athletic, and charismatic. But Jason also harbors a deep secret. Soon they form a fast friendship that changes into something much more. After an impromptu trip to visit Jason's estranged gay brother, Craig reveals Jason's dark secret and Jason vows to never see Craig again before he sends him away.Years pass and Craig moves on with his life. After a couple of bad relationships, he's done with dating and finding Mr. Right. But when an older and more mature Jason steps back into his life looking to hookup again, he can't help but wonder if there's still a spark waiting to be relit between them.

Reviews for the book Worth waiting for

There are significant drawbacks

Why do you ask me to drive a phone?

From disgust to delight!

The butterflies in my stomach have died ...

Fun book for children and their parents

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