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  • The illusion by K.A. Applegate

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    Book Title: The illusion

    Date of issue: September 1999

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Ghostwriter: Ellen Geroux.So, speaking of Tobias and identity issues...I keep mentioning that the last several books have been painful, and this one is no exception. The plot actually picks up on the mission introduced in the previous book: the Yeerks are developing an Anti-Morphing Ray, and so the Animorphs decide to use Tobias as bait in order to make the Yeerks think that it doesn't work. They willingly let Tobias be captured to further their aims.Sacrifice and hard decisions have been the de facto theme for a while now. Which ties into one of my favourite quotes here, which is nothing new and has been touched on before, but it really illustrates the toll of leadership:"I'm glad you made it, Tobias. You're our eyes. Our ears. Our air force. If we lost you, we'd be nothing. Like Joan of Arc without her sword, Patton without his pearl-handled pistols..." We both laughed. It felt good to hear Jake say I was indispensable, but with Jake you could never be sure anymore what was sincere. And what was just expedient.He’d been the most open of guys, back in the old days. What you saw with Jake was what you got. But he’d been a leader for a long time now. He’d learned to say what he needed to say.Jake needed me as one of the Animorphs. He liked me, respected me, was happy for me when I was happy. And, when he had to, he used me without regard for anything but winning.It's delivered matter-of-fact, but it's a quietly heartbreaking moment for me: the insidious creeping doubt inside these friendships, to the extent of mistrusting a simple compliment. Yet Tobias does so for good reason -- I don't think he's wrong about it, either. It's also so complicated knowing that Jake can manipulate his own friends (soldiers) for the greater good, but draws the line at his innocent family. He isn't infallible.Anyway. After Tobias is captured, he's on his own. This book actually reminds me a bit of #6 The Capture in that regard, in that the last chunk of the book retreats into Tobias' head and becomes an internal struggle, a mental battle, see-sawing through memories. It feels like most of the book is him being tortured at the hands of an unstable Yeerk; the section drags on, not because it's bad, but because it's excruciating. He's tortured. Emotionally, physically. Straight-up tortured.It's a very good book, but it does feel a bit like it's re-treading old ground; Tobias has been wrestling with his "am I human or hawk or what" feelings for over thirty books now. Which is an overly-simplified way of describing it, and I suppose kudos to the series for not neatly and easily resolving an issue like that within a single book, but I feel like I want a bit more (hence docking a star). I want more scenes like him morphing Andalite and learning about Andalite culture from Ax, exploring his own 'heritage', so to speak.Also, I only just recently realised that until the forties, Ax and Tobias have half as many narrated books as the others, trading off books in the narration order -- this might actually explain why Tobias was one of the characters I connected with least over the course of the series. It's a shame, because he is great. (Ax still stood out to me because his book was the first one I ever read, and plus, yanno, he's an alien, so I pay more attention to him.)The last idyllic scene of all the Animorphs relaxing at the beach together, and Tobias/Rachel being adorable, is an extremely welcome one. They've all been through a fucking lot lately, every single one of them. It's been a rough ride ever since the David trilogy, rarely letting up.They deserve the downtime, but I can't imagine the future books are going to be any easier on them.

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I read the whole book with a stupid smile on my face. General advice to everyone!

A charming book, a lot more!

Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Just an incredibly scary, deep and interesting book, penetration to shivers!

The book is really worthy of the bestseller!

Fun book for children and their parents

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