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  • Beyond numeracy by John Allen Paulos

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    Book Title: Beyond numeracy

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    The author of the book: John Allen Paulos

    ISBN: 067973807X

    Date of issue: April 7th 1992

    Edition: Vintage

    ISBN 13: 9780679738077

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This was an interesting trip through the mathematical theory landscape. Paulos introduces a number of fairly complex mathematical concepts with only 4 or 5 pages each. There were a few that I had not heard of. In particular, I think the applications of Russell's paradox offer a number of intriguing applications when applied to the social sciences. He synthesizes the theory behind the paradox into simple English that is very digestible.I think what I like best is that he deals with all of the later theory. There are tons of books to clearly articulate the work of Euler, Pythagoras and before. But to get really good stuff on topology and probability with plenty of examples is often a bit harder to find in narrative form. I like that he approaches math in a way that is digestible to the masses as math is just a language and should be able to be described as such.If I were to make one critique it would be with the flow. The chapters do not appear to connect so well. It bounces around. For example zeno's paradox comes last. Fractals are in the middle. One final note, the time line of great mathematicians is great. I generally look these up one at a time, but it's really nice to see them in order.

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A wonderful piece

Energy text

A book that impressed me to the depths of my soul.

When you regret the book ends!

Frankly, double

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