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  • Dateline: atlantis: a novel by Lynn Voedisch

    ISBN: 1611880890

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    Book Title: Dateline: atlantis: a novel

    Date of issue: May 14th 2014

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    ISBN 13: 9781611880892

    The author of the book: Lynn Voedisch

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DATELINE: ATLANTIS is a contemporary fantasy featuring a female Indiana Jones who dives underwater and accidentally finds what just might be the lost world of Atlantis. After she and her photographer document fabulous pyramids under the Caribbean sea, they return to their newspaper in the Los Angeles area, only to have all their evidence stolen. The sea rolls back and reclaims the ruins, and their photographer is kidnapped. Someone doesnOCOt want the undersea world found. The simple news assignment becomes more complicated with each turn and takes the Amaryllis Lang (pen name: Amy Quigley) on a whirlwind investigation to Chicago, Florida, Mexico, and the Bahamas. All along, Amaryllis deals with a cold-case murder, a red-hot editor eager for a Pulitzer, two men who desire her love, deadly traps, and a chance to re-write history."

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This is a very predictable author. When you get a book for free, you can read it. The intrigue is present, the unbundling is clear.

Why do I need to write a phone number?

Compelling book!

Book will go one time.

When you regret the book ends!

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