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  • Bertrand russell's best by Bertrand Russell

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    Date of issue: October 26th 1981

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    The author of the book: Bertrand Russell

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I discovered Bertrand Russell in the mid 1990s when I studied analytic philosophy. I have always enjoyed his writing. He is a major philosopher of the twentieth century but was also among the minority of philosophers who was gifted at writing as well. He writes with a sharp wit and an eye for the absurdities of the world. He has a technical side in philosophy (not displayed here) but his clear prose even makes the most arcane philosophy graspable by a lay reader. He also wrote many popular books for a lay audience about politics, religion, sex, nuclear war, antiwar pieces, education and introductory philosophy. He was a harsh critic of religion and was a new atheist 100 years before the term "new Atheist" was coined and he is just as harsh on faith as a Hitchens or Harris. His beliefs about sex sound very modern even though he was a young man when Victoria was queen. He lived to see and protest the great war, World War II, the early cold war and protested against Viet Nam before he died in 1970 not quite reaching his 98th birthday. I wish this short book could bring in his more technical works because the writing and the clarity of thought is just as good if not better than his popular writings.

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