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  • Lumberjanes #23 by Shannon Watters

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Lumberjanes #23  4 Stars, buy it for the series The girls and the Selkies and Karen have sort of made up but now they are stuck in a storm.  I forgot, Molly and Ripley are not with the others and are with the bear woman. Molly turns out to be super good at archery. Anyway, this issue isn’t quite as good as the others in this story arc.  It seems like a lot of filler that it didn’t really need to happen.   I felt like they could have had more happen in this issue.  But despite that it’s still very good and a worthy issue in the series. Quotes:“My nightmares are having babies with my other nightmares.”- MalDescription from Amazon: Molly spends time with the Bear Woman to learn more about shape-shifters, and the girls finally have a plan to help Seafarin' Karen get her boat back!Characters for my reference April- Short red head girlJen- dark skinned camp counselorJo- tall kidMal: Dark haired girl with half shaved headMolly: Blond haired girlRipley: Short brunet with headband around her head and blue streak in hairRosie- head of camp. Constantly calls Jen Jane. Very cool.Diane- girl from another cabin at the camp, black hair Apparently the sister of Jo.Bubbles- Molly’s raccoon hat who happens to be a live raccoonBarney- Boy from boys camp that they run into a lot

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Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Just an incredibly scary, deep and interesting book, penetration to shivers!

Quickly downloaded

It was a surprisingly interesting book. Very highly recommended.

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The best ... And the most interesting, bright, fascinating ...

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