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  • The deserted library mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner

    Date of issue: January 1st 1991

    Edition: Albert Whitman Company

    Last download: 5 days ago

    Page views: 3441

    Uploaded: 1430 times

    ISBN 13: 9780807515600

    ISBN: 0807515604

    Book Title: The deserted library mystery

    The author of the book: Gertrude Chandler Warner

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I don't remember this one at all. We're into ghostwriter territory by now, though, so that turns out for the best. I'm missing #20 but they must have done the time reversal right away once they decided to milk money from the stone here.The Deserted Library Mystery is bizarrely violent and these kids take their New England Independence thing a little TOO far! The thief guy straight up BREAKS INTO the Alden's cottage! He rips apart a chair in his fury! That's some psychopath behavior! They have a runaway child with them! OK, I can understand why they don't tell an actual adult about Miguel, but the rest? That guy is clearly a violent threat! He tries to put a bag over Jessie's head and kidnap her?!?! She gets away via a well-placed kick to his balls, I mean, his shins in the book, but let's be real, she's (eternally) 12. There's no way she could have overpowered a full-grown man. She definitely dropped him by kicking him in the nuts. Go, girl.I'm a little surprised she didn't, like, hit him with a solid diamond bracelet or all the zeroes in Grandfather Alden's bank account.

Reviews for the book The deserted library mystery

A hard book, obviously not for everyone.

A hard, shocking, but extremely useful book that makes you think!

All right, quick download.

There are significant drawbacks

This book is holding in tensions until the end!

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