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  • Red hot reunion by Bella Andre

    Date of issue: March 20th 2007

    Book Title: Red hot reunion

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    Edition: Pocket Books

    ISBN 13: 9781416538745

    ISBN: 1416538747

    The author of the book: Bella Andre

    Page views: 3932

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The last time Jason saw Emma Holden, she crushed his heart. As college students, they were opposites in every way except for their thrilling, unpredictable passion. But deep down Emma was very proper, and in their senior year she blindsided Jason by dumping him for a wealthy jock and a dull, safe life. Now it's ten years later, and if living well is the best revenge, Jason has done so in spades--he's a hunky celebrity chef with a hit TV show and all the women he wants. But he's interested in only one woman--Emma. And at their college reunion, he cooks up a wicked payback for her betrayal: teasing her with desperate desire, taunting her with the best sex of her life, just to see her fall. Yet Emma has an agenda of her own, and teasing and temptation are just what she's hungry for. The "good girl" is now a daring, sensual woman eager to raise the sexual stakes, and she's hot for the most wildly erotic adventures he can dish out. Now who's turning the tables on whom?

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Interesting, exciting story.

All right, quick download.

Despite the criticism, I liked the book!

The book is very deep! Tip for Reading.

All right, quick download.

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