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  • Slangens gåve by Lene KaaberbøL

    The author of the book: Lene KaaberbøL

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    Date of issue: 2005

    ISBN: 8252166962

    Page views: 4811

    ISBN 13: 978825216696

    Book Title: Slangens gåve

    Edition: Samlaget

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I enjoyed "The Shamer's Daughter", but was greatly disappointed by it's sequel, "The Shamer's Signet" for it's uninteresting plot, the introduction of Davin as narrator, who I found quite annoying, and the fact Nico, the male lead of the first book, was completely ignored. This third in the series is a vast improvement over the second, and exceeds the first in terms of both plot, characterisation and writing. The character of Davin really matures through this book, and I found many of the story ideas interesting, although I think more could have been made of certain elements like the Foundation and the Sagisburg.I think you could easily skip the second book if reading the series, as I found it really quite boring, and only one plot point is carried over into "The Serpent Gift" which is explained anyway. I look forward to the conclusion of the series in "The Shamer's War", but hope that it ties up the story, rather than just being a self-contained story like the two sequels so far.

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